What Happened to the Inspection Data?

“PC Load Letter? What the F*#@ does that mean?” – Michael Bolton

Every day, every shift we conduct our line checks and pre-shift inspections with the tried and true tools that have been available to us forever: a clipboard, pen, and paper. 
It’s great! We accomplish our goal of documenting this data, but where does it go when we’re done? 
We spend valuable time on the mind numbing task of filing it away in a drawer in the office.
We could be greeting guests, helping get setup for the next rush, or engaging with the staff. Instead we’re holed up in the office.
If we’re lucky, later on at the end of the shift we get to transcribe the information from the piece of paper into a spreadsheet. 
But that’s usually not the case. Most of the time it sits in that drawer in the office until the drawer is busting at the seams and the Iron Mountain shredding truck shows up for their annual visit and they turn it into confetti. 
We ask ourselves “why am I even doing these checks and logging this info if nobody is ever going to look at it again?” It seems pointless to do it for my own health or some other irrelevant reason. With that in mind there’s really no reason to take the task seriously, which makes you, again, wonder “why are we doing this?”
There’s still a few more months to get the hoverboards, but it’s now time to move on and get the clipboards out of the restaurant! 
Here’s a 5 minute video of a solution that eliminates clipboards and makes the data available to anyone, anywhere at any time. Click here to watch the video
Even if you are happy with what you are currently doing, you should take a minute and check out this 5 minute video.  
We hope you find it helpful. 

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