Inspect What You Expect

The only way to get the results that you want as a manager is to inspect what you expect. If you want consistent daily execution, you will have to inspect daily.
I’ve heard that if you do something 13 times it becomes habit. So having a third party inspector like Steritech, Steton, Ecosure, or any other inspection service come in once or twice a year isn’t going to drive consistent daily execution. You need to be self inspecting your restaurants before every meal period to ensure that you are ready to serve guests. 
It’s not only the inconsistency of visits, but the lack of accessible and available data from the reports. The report that is delivered is paper packet. That’s virtually useless unless you carry it in your back pocket or pay someone to enter the data into some digital format, which is a complete waste of time and money. 
By self inspecting daily you are setting your operations up for success every single shift. You are also training yourself and your staff to proactively spot potential issues before they happen. 
Get the free guide and compare to what you are currently doing and consider if you need these third party organizations visiting once a year.

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  1. Marvin Greenberg says:

    To insure that the procedure, policy, method, rule remains in place never allow, never allow any other procedure to take place. A timed or scheduled inspection is silly because the opposite can occur immediate between inspection. The floor, the washroom, the mirror, the tables must be clean All THE TIME.

  2. OpsAnalitica says:

    Good points.

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