What is the deal with GMO’s?

I would like to thank Chef Russell Furdell from Chef Resources for sending me this Slate.com article on GMO’s.  We usually like to cut and paste these types of articles so you can just read them here, but this one is so long and has so many pictures that it wasn’t going to look good.

Here is the URL to the original article:  Unhealthy Fixation: The war against genetically modified organisms is full of fearmongering, errors, and fraud. Labeling them will not make you safer.

I feel like the case on GMO’s is similar to other modern issues, global warming, that have become so politicized that it’s hard to find the truth.

I thought the article was informative, it cited scientific studies and did a nice job of showing the history of GMO’s.  It is a long article, but I think it worth a read.

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  1. Jefferson Anderson says:

    Unfortunately you have been grossly mis-informed. The article you are referring to was created, cleared and paid for by the companies that create the GMO crap. None of the promises about GMO foods have proven true. Actually it has been the opposite. Expand your information circle and you will discover why we are one of the few countries in the world that still support and eat this poison laden garbage. You are more than welcome to my share.

  2. I think it’s hard to get a straight answer period. Both sides of the argument have big money behind them voicing their position. It’s not an all or nothing issue in my opinion. I believe that for some crops it’s probably ok and for others it isn’t.

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