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The restaurant industry is synonymous with chains. They know how to grow international companies. The best brands use the OpsAnaltica checklist app to help them increase speed of service, guest satisfacion, and sales.

Slim margins require grocery operators to rely on volume, product placement, and offering an inviting customer environment. Grocery chains use OpsAnalitica to manage daily setup, slip/fall logs, and much more. 

As this segment grows and starts offering more prepared food options they are faced with the challenges inherent with that industry. Customer conscious brands turn to the OpsAnalitica checklist app for help.

It’s time for this industry to ditch the paper and eliminate duplicate data entry. Well run departments use OpsAnalitica to stop wasting valuable human capital low impact tasks and to improve patient care and safety.

Great operators use OpsAnalitica to manage OSHA and EPA compliance effortlessly across all locations. Claims and loss prevention processes are easily documented digitally in real-time including photos for review. 

With the highest risk population in regards to food borne illness, managing food safety and quality is imperative to success. The best run facilities use OpsAnalitica to deliver a high quality, industry compliant environment.

OpsAnalitica delivers a best in class operations management platform by integrating the ethos of Atul Gawanda’s The Checklist Manifesto into our checklist app

Operations Data Analytics

Interactive dashboards serve up real-time data to slice and dice that will help you:

  • make better decisions quicker
  • identify operational hotspots
  • easily tackle areas of opportunity

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Ops Process Management

Standardize operations by digitizing processes and job aides that will help you:

  • develop and empower your employees
  • deliver a great customer experience
  • maximize your training investment

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Multi-Unit Management

Seamlessly communicate and gather information from all your locations that will help you:

  • be consistent at every location
  • crowdsource information in a usable format
  • quickly implement chainwide process changes

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The Best Chains Choose OpsAnalitica