The Importance and Value of Checklists – From the Master, Atul Gawande

I’ve read Atul Gawande’s The Checklist Manifesto. I’ve listened to it. I’ve read it again. I’ve watched his Youtube Videos about Checklists. I’m a GawandeHead which isn’t a real thing, I just made it up #gawandehead.

He makes so much sense and he has articulated everything about the power of checklists that I wish I was eloquent enough to have thought of myself but didn’t.

What is crazy is that we started building OpsAnalitica before I had even heard of Atul Gawande. A friend of my wife mentioned the book to me after we started the company and she was quite frankly amazed that I hadn’t heard of it yet. I played it off by saying I was illiterate and I stormed off to get another drink.

My belief in the power of checklists to shape daily operations in large organizations, to make every team member more effective, and as a way to help make the complex manageable was learned from real world experience working in restaurants and running a large auditing program.

OpsAnalitica was preaching the power of using checklists to manage better daily operations way before our competitors ever jumped on our bandwagon, our competitors were big audit platforms.

I invite you to take six minutes and watch this excerpt from Atul Gawande’s Ted Talk on the power of checklists and how they can change any business or process. Enjoy

If you want to learn more about how the OpsAnalitica program have made checklists better and more effective. Please click here to schedule a demo.

Tommy Yionoulis

I've been in the restaurant industry for most of my adult life. I have a BSBA from University of Denver Hotel Restaurant school and an MBA from the same. When I wasn't working in restaurants I was either doing stand-up comedy, for 10 years, or large enterprise software consulting. I'm currently the Managing Director of OpsAnalitica and our Inspector platform was originally conceived when I worked for one of the largest sandwich franchisors in the country. You can reach out to me through LinkedIn.

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