Keeping Regulatory Agencies in the Know

There are a lot of regulatory bodies in play when running a healthcare business, and keeping them happy (and you compliant) is toward the top of your list of priorities. But it doesn’t have to be top of your list in effort and difficulty.

The information agencies like CMS, OSHA, and the companies who make the tools you use are looking for aren’t necessarily complicated. In fact, they’ve already provided you with details about what they want. Standards aren’t secrets. Many of them are required to be publicly posted throughout any business involved with the health care of its customers. So the challenge isn’t figuring out what to keep track of.

The challenge is capturing that information regularly and accurately. Compliance is all about checking boxes, and if you make the process of ticking off which standards you are adhering to on a daily basis accessible and repeatable, you’ll find your compliance requirements are a snap to meet. Essentially, you want to create an easy to adhere to process to keep track of your standards. An in-house rulebook that allows you to appease the organizations keeping tabs on your business without adversely impacting the actual work you are trying to do.

Maybe you’re a dentist’s office or outpatient surgery center that has to record the proper calibration and maintenance of the tools you use. Maybe you’re a massage therapist tasked with providing logs of hygienic maintenance and meeting minimum lighting standards. Or maybe you’re an imaging chain interested in ensuring that your patient sign-in sheets and other physical examples of PHI are routinely assessed to make sure HIPAA laws are followed to the letter. Whatever your business is and whatever regulatory agencies you are beholden to, you need a straightforward and efficient method of tracking your efforts. You need an easy way to create and maintain checklists that prove your adherence to the myriad of requirements you are diligently maintaining.

You need a tool like the OpsAnalitica Platform.

Our platform allows you to craft a usable and undaunting playbook for your business. You’ll be able to create checklists that are simple to follow so your employees don’t have to waste time trying to figure out what’s being asked of them. Your logs will be easy to update when compliance requirements change or require clarification. And you’ll be able to keep all of the results in one easy-to-access location, so when it’s time to report to these agencies you don’t have to scramble to compile information from a dozen disparate sources.

You don’t want your maintenance checklists on a clipboard filled with hopefully legible script in whatever color the working pen of the day was. You don’t want your refrigeration temperature checks tallied on a whiteboard that could get accidentally obliterated with the brush of a sleeve. You don’t want your surgical tool measurements tracked on as many different lists as you have tools. You want and need a tool to track all of these important elements digitally.

At OpsAnalitica, we can help with that. Whether you’re a private, one-physician clinic or a large chain of imaging centers, we can help you implement a standard process that scales to any size for any business. We can help make compliance the simplest part of doing business. You already know what you need to report. Let us help you find the most efficient and palatable way to do it.

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