Keeping Track of the Little Things

A healthcare provider has many checklists to keep up with—and not just big ticket lists like regulatory compliance, patient safety, treatment plans, and claims backlogs. Lists for the mundane day-to-day items that have to be done efficiently and accurately. And while the big lists may get all the attention, it’s the little ones that can add up to big problems if not managed correctly.

Whether you’re tracking the current calibration of your equipment or logging when your facilities were last thoroughly cleaned, there’s a lot to keep abreast of. And when you’re thinking about the importance of prescribing correct dosages and matching treatment to diagnoses, something like tracking the last time you wiped down a headrest or checked the temperature of your refrigerators may seem like a bottom-of-the-list priority.

But it’s not just the obvious, emergent things that benefit from close and regular attention. It’s those little things, after all, that comprise the bulk of how your employees spend their time. An hour-long routine consultation with a patient requires hours of prep work, and we’re not just talking about pulling their medical file. There are dozens of little, easily overlooked tasks that lead up to that moment.

Big Lists

Your facility has to be clean, not just in the interests of meeting regulatory compliance and accreditation goals, but because more sanitary facilities lead to better patient care and outcomes. Cleanliness equates to higher standards of patient safety and healthier customers.

Your equipment has to be maintained. And not just for hygienic standards, but brand standards and best performance initiatives. When your tools are in the best possible working order, your patients again benefit.

Your patient’s Private Health Information has to be protected. Protocols have to be in place and regularly monitored to ensure that HIPAA rules are being followed. Your patients benefit here too, knowing that their information is safe.

And then there are all the other little things that go into the successful day-to-day operation of any business. From managing employee breaks to proper disposal of waste, there are innumerable things to keep track of to run an efficient and profitable organization. And while each of these so-called little things can seem of minor importance on their own, they add up. Eventually, they add up to whether or not your business succeeds.

Our Solution

To help stay on top of all the little things, we proudly offer the OpsAnalitica Platform. With this tool you can not only keep all of your little lists in one place, but you can create and manage the content of those lists in a way that makes sense to your staff.

If it makes sense to the people whose job it is to keep track of the little things, they’ll be more likely to see the benefit of keeping the most accurate account of them. And then everyone can see how the little things add up to big business.

We all know how losing track of the minute details of operations can lead to organizational failure. Whether it’s sanctions from a regulatory agency or a drop in positive patient care outcomes, losing sight of the minutia is bad for business. With OpsAnalitica, you’ll see how creatively managing the little things can not only keep your business from failing—but actually make it thrive.

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