OpsAnalitica was founded, and operates, based off of two main principles:
  • Multi-unit operators must consistently execute on the basics or they can’t grow and won’t survive.
  • In order to achieve #1 you have to operate as efficiently as possible and use data to drive decisions.
Our founder, Tommy Yionoulis, a restaurateur from the age of 14, went to work at Quiznos in 2008. He had no idea of the mess that he was walking into. His first job at Quiznos was Manager of the Franchise Assistance Program. Imagine running the program that franchisees used to get help in 2008 at the beginning of  the financial, real estate, and Quiznos system collapses.  
Tommy will tell you that he learned as much about the fundamentals of business in that position as he did getting his MBA.  His biggest takeaway was, if a company isn’t executing the basics, there is nothing else you can do to help them. It’s like anything else in life or business: if you aren’t building on a solid foundation you will eventually topple over. 
Cut to a year later, Tommy was promoted and was the RSC Ops Leader, basically Ops Services for the field organization. He was tasked by management to start reporting on their restaurant health and audit program. Tommy looked for software solutions, couldn’t find a suitable option, and ended up building his own. 
It was the first time that they had real-time operations data that they could use to make better decisions.  It was a game changer. 
In between Quiznos and OpsAnalitica Tommy co-founded and managed a successful business process management consultancy. Automating business processes and developing custom software solutions for blue chip organizations such as Wells Fargo, Visa, The World Bank, and Time Warner to mention a few. 
This experience is what eventually led to the creation of the OpsAnalitica platform, combining both his passions for hospitality and business process efficiency into one simple to use, easy to manage operations management & analytics platform personalized down to the exact location, shift and user.
The desire to help multi-unit operators execute on the basics and be the best they can be permeates throughout our entire company.
We’d love to talk to you. Reach out and let’s review your current processes, worst case scenario you leave the meeting with a couple of process improvement recommendations, best case we can help you refine your current processes and increase sales and profits. It’s a win/win!

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