The challenge with growing operations

There has been a lot of great press this year about the restaurant industry’s economic impact from the number of employees to the estimated $709 billion in revenue in 2015. 
Growing your operations is a great accomplishment. You have succeeded and now it’s time to grow and expand.
All you have to do is take what you are currently doing now at your five locations and do the same at your next ten or fifteen locations right?
There’s only one small problem, there’s only one of you! You are no doubt already feeling the pressure of not being able to be everywhere at once with your current five locations, but now you are adding ten more. 
You’ll be adding staff and hoping that they are executing daily, every shift, without you being there running the show. 
You will no doubt start noticing the need and benefits of automated solutions to help you spread your time across all of your operations. Just because you are growing doesn’t mean you don’t have to be involved, it just makes your time more valuable
You’ll start looking into implementing systems that give you visibility into your operations at any time of day or night, no matter where you happen to be at the moment. Technology has gotten to a point where not only is this possible, but it’s also a cinch to implement and it’s affordable with quick ROI
Specifically mobile technology is at a point where you can manage your business from your smart phone. Companies in all industries, including restaurants, are implementing systems to help increase profits and give them a leg up on the competition
Even simple things like standardized cleaning checklists can make your life a lot easier. Consistency across all your operations allow you to check against 1 standard and measure each location against each other. We’d like to give you a Master Cleaning Checklist that we found that is very thorough. Click here to have the checklist sent to your inbox for free! We hope that this can be a valuable tool for you whether you are starting from scratch or already have one, but it could use a little tweaking. 
Keep on Inspecting!

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