OpsAnalitica For Franchising

Ensure that your brand promise is being delivered at every one of your franchised locations remotely or while on site.
Get a real-time operations data feed to easily identify operational hotspots, address recurring issues, and increase quality of service, customer satisfaction and sales.
"OpsAnalitica ensures that everything we are implementing at corporate is happening in all of our locations."
Laura Belen
Ops Services Denny's

Operations Management Platform

Use Cases

Brand Standards Audits

Conduct above store leader location visits to ensure brand standards are being followed. Use historical data to guide employee coaching opportunities.

Operations Process Management

Keep your operations as efficient as possible by continuously managing and fine tuning your processes that are adding the most value to the business.

Manage Limited Time Offer Rollouts

Quickly and easily rollout limited time promotions to all locations. Ensure proper pricing, signage and setup are being implemented.

Continuous Training Reinforcement

Maximize your training investment by continuously reinforcing training concepts and coaching up your employees, helping them grow in the company.

Crowdsource Solutions

Create a direct communication line with your front line employees to source possible solutions to problems from the ones that experience them first hand.

Follow Up Plans

Create actionable feedback and follow up items that won't be ignored or forgotten. Focus your teams on tasks that drive business value.

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