OpsAnalitica For Senior Living

Deliver exceptional quality and an industry compliant environment at every location, every shift.
Get a real-time operations data feed to easily identify operational hotspots, address recurring issues, maximize labor across all departments, and protect your high risk population from food borne illness outbreaks.
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"We were able to roll out employee covid screenings at all of our locations in a matter of hours."
Teri Serrano
HR, Access Hospitality

Operations Management Platform

Use Cases

Mock Regulatory Compliance Audits​

Conduct periodic mock regulatory compliance audits to ensure that standards are being met consistently. Avoid the "fire drill" when the real audit happens. ​

Operations Process Management

Keep your operations as efficient as possible by continuously managing and fine tuning your processes that are adding the most value to the business.

Manage Food Safety

Manage and maintain the highest level of Food Safety standards and protect your high risk population from food borne illness outbreaks.

Continuous Training Reinforcement

Maximize your training investment by continuously reinforcing training concepts and coaching up employees, helping them grow and provide safe and effective care. ​

Risk Management

Show regulators that you have defined processes in place to avoid mistakes. Avoid negligence lawsuits by self documenting process and task management.​

Follow Up Plans

Create actionable feedback and follow up items that won't be ignored or forgotten. Focus your teams on tasks that improve resident care and safety. ​

Industry News

Captaining a Tight Ship Without the Risk of Mutiny

Nothing drags morale down more than repetitive, mundane tasks that don’t seem to have any value but have to be done constantly and consistently. In the healthcare world, some of these tasks are unavoidable—but they don’t have to be burdensome. Odds are, every one of your employees has at least one list to manage. Maybe

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Keeping Track of the Little Things

A healthcare provider has many checklists to keep up with—and not just big ticket lists like regulatory compliance, patient safety, treatment plans, and claims backlogs. Lists for the mundane day-to-day items that have to be done efficiently and accurately. And while the big lists may get all the attention, it’s the little ones that can

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Keeping Regulatory Agencies in the Know

There are a lot of regulatory bodies in play when running a healthcare business, and keeping them happy (and you compliant) is toward the top of your list of priorities. But it doesn’t have to be top of your list in effort and difficulty. The information agencies like CMS, OSHA, and the companies who make

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The Universal Appeal of Clean Sheets

Ever check into a hotel room, possibly after a long day of travel or work in a town far from home, only to find that your sheets are dirty and you don’t have any clean towels? Outrageous, right? You probably called the front desk before you even tried to get comfortable. You might have even

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Automation – It’s Not New Anymore, It’s Standard Practice

Automated processes aren’t a new way of doing business. We’ve long been accustomed to having repetitive tasks managed by systems that don’t require a high degree of human intervention. Not only do they lower overhead and increase efficiency, but they help protect our valuable human assets from losing their minds by repeating the same simple

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Leveraging Compliance Responsibilities to Improve Your Healthcare Business

Compliance. It’s a less-than-inspiring word. For many, it sounds onerous and tyrannical. Do this, or else. At the very least, it represents red tape and fiery hoops to jump through to conduct business. If you’re involved in providing healthcare, especially if you’re contracted to provide services to Medicare or Medicaid members, you know this word

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