OpsAnalitica For Healthcare

Automate mundane, low impact, manual tasks, maximize your labor efficiency and improve patient safety and care.
There’s no legitimate business reason to have to transcribe information from a piece of paper into a spreadsheet or other digital medium. With OpsAnalitica you can collect all your data digitally, eliminate human error, and have the data immediately available in easy to digest dashboards and reports.
OpsAnalitica helps healthcare departments do more with less while improving patient safety and patient care.  
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Operations Management Platform

Use Cases

Mock Regulatory Compliance Audits

Conduct periodic mock regulatory compliance audits to ensure that standards are being met consistently. Avoid the "fire drill" when the real audit happens.

Operations Process Management

Keep your operations as efficient as possible by continuously managing and fine tuning your processes that are adding the most value to the business.

Automate Recurring Tasks

Effortlessly manage recurring, mundane department tasks to ensure critical compliance items don't get missed resulting in fines and/or bad press.

Continuous Training Reinforcement

Maximize your training investment by continuously reinforcing training concepts and coaching up employees, helping them grow and provide safe and effective care.

Risk Management

Show regulators that you have defined processes in place to avoid mistakes. Avoid negligence lawsuits by self documenting process and task management.

Follow Up Plans

Create actionable feedback and follow up items that won't be ignored or forgotten. Focus your teams on tasks that improve patient care and safety.

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The Hidden Cost of AI: Scrubbing Data

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OpsAnalitica Releases Instructive Checklists

Instructive checklists use three different tactics to identify issues and instruct the Manager on Duty (MOD) in real time on how to handle the issue correctly. Instructive checklists are so far beyond just sending a notification and hoping that someone on the team handles the problem before it affects customers. Instructive checklists ensure that the

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