For restaurants, DNC becomes a question of staying open or renting out spaces

Here’s an interesting article from the Philadelphia Business Journal about the effects of a convention on a city. Especially a very large , citywide convention such as the DNC. The issue becomes booking large private parties that essentially close down your restaurant to your normal clientele and regulars. Does the extra money outweigh the potential …

Due Diligence and Due Care in the Restaurant Business

Due Diligence and Due Care are words  generally associated with investing, contracts, and lately network security.  In my last position working in custom application development and  cyber security those terms were defined as: Due Diligence: Identifying threats and risks. Due Care: Acting upon identified threats to mitigate risks. I believe that the hospitality industry better …

Twenty-Five Percent of Diners Say Tech Options Factor into Restaurant Choice

The first part of this article from Hospitality Technology summarizes the National Restaurant Association’s 2015 forecast which boasts good news for the industry this year. We’ve already talked about that and are very excited for what’s to come. What I found interesting was the latter part of the article discussing consumer trends and their demand …

2015 Restaurant Industry Forecast Released

The National Restaurant Association has released it’s 2015 industry forecast and it’s looking pretty good. Here are a couple of highlights:

  • Estimated industry sales of $709.2 billion
  • Estimated to hit 1,000,000 locations in the US
  • Estimated to employ 14 million people

The biggest challenges will be rising food costs and more competition in the labor market as more jobs become available across industries.

Click here to read the full article from the Missouri Restaurant Association or view the quick 3 minute video summary from below.